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Wes Super

Professional Voiceovers

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by Wes Super

Demos of professional voiceover artist Wes Super, specializing in E-Learning, Documentaries, Commercials, Direct Response, Audiobook, and character voice-over work. 


Voiceover Artist, Wes Super?


Professional.  Creative.  Easy to work with. 

Born and raised in the Midwest suburbs, flavored by years telling stories in the the south and northeast, a unique and pleasant all-american tone was cultivated, rich and powerful yet subtle and down to earth.  

Just a typical everyday guy next door.  Husband.  Dad.  Friendly neighbor.  Though along the way he earned the nickname of "The Professional Kid", due to his often whimsical, energetic approach to problems.  These combined attribute carry over when coloring a narrative or breathing life into a dialog, giving it a pleasant familiarity.  

When that extra burst of creative energy is needed to really push a project "outside the box", well he's a great bet to deliver something new and fresh. 

Studio for Professional Voice work

Wes delivers high quality audio files using:

  • Sennheiser MKH416
  • Mogami GOLD cables
  • Aphex Master Channel
  • Saffire Pro26 Inerface

Have a story to tell?  

 Relax.  Wes is here to help you sound your best.  Help get your story heard.  Help you succeed.

Skill set: Voiceover artist, audio production, copy-writing, commercials, narration and audiobooks, E-learning, documentaries, direct response, sound effects, jingles, event announcer, and he can cook a mean stack of French toast! 


Here's what others are saying

"I loved your reading style and voice. Truly top notch!" – Scott M – Author, ACX

 "What a great honor to work with a professional like yourself. Job well done!"  - Samuel V –Analytics Intell Mobile

 "I very much like the quality of the production and your reading!"  Matthew P – Author ACX

"Was Super is not just a narrator, he's a team player. He was a joy to work with, he was quick to make edits, and he's even helping with promotion. The fact that he's a talented voice artist was the icing on the audio-cake!"  Jere F - Editor, Wisconsin Historical Press



Gratitude reigns supreme, and befitting such an attitude, Wes offers deeply discounted and sometimes outright cost free professional voiceover work for a good cause.  If you know of a charitable organization in need of professional voice-over work, please contact Wes Super.



News & Updates

10/01/16 An accappella journey, recorded quite some time ago, on perhaps the worst possible equipment, yet is engaging enough to truly, enjoy!

10/6/16 Here's my take of an old tongue twister, Matthew the Thug, enjoy!

10/7/16  A recent TV commercial I voiced, hungry?!?

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